Neighbors Power Lines Over My Property

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Neighbors Power Lines Over My Property. My neighbors have built a new residential unit. In your case it looks like the span clamp could have been moved down, unless there's something unseen preventing it.

Accurate Surveying and Planning, Inc. Boundary Disputes
Accurate Surveying and Planning, Inc. Boundary Disputes from

You can cut back anything up to your property line. One of the duplex has its electrical pole erected near the boundary with my place. Anything hanging over your property.

Occasionally, Property Owners Buy A Home With Towers At The Edge Of Their Property.

That is a lot of wires to feed two duplexes though. Unless the power company have an easement over your land you can tell them to remove the cables. Its up to the power company to serve each property without infringing on your land, or the space above it.

These Are Usually Towers Connected To Each Other By Power Lines.

Neighbor’s encroachment over your property line. If you are worried about potential damage to your property due to a neighbor’s tree, we detail tree pruning rights in this blog. It is important that you contact a lawyer because to defend your property rights.

It Was Installed With Permission Only To Service Your Property And You Want It To Go.

When property disputes arise, talking things over with your neighbor can be the quickest solution. Up to 20% cash back the power line has been running across the property since before we bought the property in late 2007. As far as the power line goes you should call the the power company.

A Legal Solution May Also Be Sought Under Georgia's Property Line And Fence Laws.

You are responsible for the cost of cutting any branches you choose to trim. If you see these massive towers on the property, check your deed to see if this specific easement is in writing. If they have the easement they have the right to run the lines over your property.

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Given the close proximity of homes in neighborhoods across georgia, property line issues are not uncommon. When the lines were installed the builder or a previous owner gave the power/cable/telco company a right of way across your property. There is another street pole across the road and if the electricity is connected from.

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